Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman (2017) 

Reviewed by: Donna Pan (Program Assistant at Youth Advocacy Training Institute)

Wonder Woman is an action/adventure, war, and science fiction film rated PG-13. It was released on June 2nd 2017 and is the fourth installment of superhero films based off of DC Comics. The film gained popularity and became one of the highest grossing movies that had both a female director-Patty Jenkins, and female lead- Gal Gadot. The film also stars Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Danny Huston, David Thewlis, and more. As it is set during the war, I do believe that the rating is accurate due to the mature content and violence that is prevalent throughout the film. With that said, it is a beautifully constructed film that celebrates the power and abilities of women- a message that should be shared amongst all girls.

The film begins with Diana (Wonder Woman) reminiscing about her origins as an Amazonian princess on the island Themyscira. She is told from a young age that Ares is an enemy that works to destroy humankind and so, her mother has always worked to ensure that Diana is isolated from the rest of the world. When Steve Trevor, an American spy, crashes into the water, Diana rescues him and learns about the First World War and believes it is Ares that is causing this violence. The two set out to London, and learn that the German army is working to release a deadly gas as a weapon. Against the Supreme War Council’s orders, they compile a team and head out to Belgium to find Ares and prevent the gas from being released.

Wonder Woman keeps all viewers anxiously rooting for the protagonist to save the day or in this case the world. My favourite part of the film is how Gadot embodies every aspect of the modern day heroine. She is hopeful, unapologetic and quirky to boot. Not only does she catches Trevor’s eye she also leaves every character she interacts with in awe. Time and time again she proves her worth as a strong woman in an unequal world. Moreover, many of the Amazonian women on the island that raised Diana are also fierce women of colour which once again directly contrasts with the patriarchal and white society that is the backdrop for the war.

Was there smoking in the movie? Yes.

tobacco impressions

Who is smoking? Extras throughout the film are found smoking cigarettes.

What was happening in the scene with smoking? Smoking was found in the battlefields and army camps.

Was smoking necessary for the characters in the movie? Smoking was absolutely unnecessary for these characters.

Would you notice if the smoking was taken out of the movie?  No I would not have noticed if the smoking was taken out of the movie.

What was your reaction to seeing the characters use tobacco? I was initially not surprised when I saw that there was smoking in the film because I do understand historically, it was popular for soldiers to smoke during the war. However, as a DC Marvel movie that is aimed at a general audience, it is disappointing to see extras smoking even if it was for brief moments. If cigarettes cannot be purchased in Canada until the legal age of 18, smoking should not be found in movies that are not rated R. It is completely fair to ask that ALL smoking be eliminated from popular films that are meant to attract younger audiences especially when there is conclusive data that a correlation exists between smoking in movies and youth recruitment.

Did the movie show the real health effects and consequences of tobacco use? No, the movie did not show the health effects or consequences that come with tobacco use. There really was no point in having tobacco present in the film other than giving the audience members a perceived message that the writers are pro-tobacco which again play no role in helping Wonder Woman defeat the antagonist and end the war.