Rating: PGMerida Is tired of being a princess, she has to take all the lessons, follow all the rules and worst of allAlways has to listen to her mother. When she asks a witch to change her fate, bad things happen, and only she can fix it, “She just has to be BRAVE”.Pixar has done it again! Brave was a … Read More


Rating: 14AGenre:  Sci-fiOpening Date: June 8th 2012Starring: Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize TheronDirector: Ridley ScottTaking place some 80 years in the future and about 50 years before Alien, Prometheus is about two archaeologists discover a similar planetary map in cave drawing and ancient artefacts from different unconnected civilizations thousands of years and miles apart. They visit the planet from the … Read More