Men in Black 3

Movie Genre: Sci-Fi actionRating: PGOpening Date: May 25, 2012Director: Barry SonnenfeldStarring: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin  Guess whose back? The Men In Black in 3D. A decade later after the release of the second Men In Black movie. MIB 3 takes place in the familiar setting of New York City, but starts on the moon with a jailbreak by Boris The Animal, played by a favourite actor/musician/comedian of mine; Jemaine Clement. Will Smith returns to dawn the black suit as Agent J along side Tommy Lee Jones as the infamous Agent K.  In the third instalment of this popular sci-fi action series, 40 years after his imprisonment Boris The Animal escapes the Lunar Maximum Security prison built specifically to hold him. (When I say Lunar, I mean it quite literally, it’s on the moon!!!)  After he escapes, he travels back in time and kills Agent K preventing him from ever imprisoning Boris and altering another critical event that prevented an alien invasion from happening. However, with K now dead the aliens show up and only one man can save the earth, J.  Agent J must travel back in time to save K from Boris and save the earth at the same time. This movie was shot in eye-popping 3D and it paid off but more importantly was Will Smiths performance as well as Josh Brolin. Tommy takes a back seat in this film because of the time travel aspect to the films plot. The chemistry between Smith and Brolin is quite good and has you rooting for the duo. There are some quite comedic scenes in movie, such as seeing an alien have his head being substituted for a bowling ball. The best part is there is 0 smoking or product placement. One cannot really say there is a message related to health in this movie as it is about aliens and time travel.  Overall I greatly enjoyed this movie. It had a nice flow to it, good writing and acting as well as awesome 3D.