Ali, a small-town girl with big dreams, ventures to Los Angeles and falls in love with The Burlesque Lounge.  She works her way in by waiting tables and eventually catches the attention of the owner, Tess, with her amazing vocals.   The Lounge has a new star, but jealousy, financial troubles and the pressure to sell to a local businessman threaten the future of the club and the careers of the dancers.
Movie genre:Musical/Drama/Romance
Opening date:November 24th, 2010
Starring:Christina Aguilera, Cher, Alan Cumming, Stanley Tucci & Eric Dane
Director:Steve Antin
Tobacco use:2 brief scenes
Movie Review
I would not recommend this movie to anyone who doesn’t like musicals.  You’d have to really, really love musicals and then I MAY go as far as to recommend that you rent this movie.
This movie gets points for giving me goose bumps from Christina Aguilera’s voice. Girl’s got PIPES!  Somewhat catchy music and the charming bartender/roommate/love interest of Christina made the movie more bearable as well. 
However, Christina Aguilera although can sing, she can’t really act.  There were too many cheesy moments where I felt awkward watching this movie.  At times it was laugh-out-loud cheesy and audience members were laughing at failed attempts at ‘flirtation’.  Also, the transitions from one scene to the next were choppy and killed the flow of the storyline.
Kristen Bell (as Nikki) and Stanley Tucci (as Sean) are both secondary characters who were smoking in the film.  In both scenes where there was smoking I was thinking to myself, HOW RANDOM!  Each character had only ONE smoking scene and I felt surprised both times (Oh?  She/He smokes now?).  I felt like the directors were trying to convey that the characters were very anxious in each situation, and instead of relying on good acting they felt it was necessary to use a cigarette!  Come on!