Bad Moms



Movie Critics: Sakina Musah-McLean & Denique Reid


Movie Title: Bad Moms
Movie Genre: Comedy


Ontario Movie Rating: 14A
Opening Date: July 29th 2016 Starring: Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn, Kristen Bell, Annie Mumolo, Christina Applegate & Jada Pinkett-Smith
Director: Jon Lucas & Scott Moore General Age of People in the Theatre: 19-30

This film features no use of tobacco products as all.


Overworked mom Amy Mitchell decides to let loose and embraces being a ‘bad mom’ after a really stressful day. This leads to a series of life changing events, as Amy becomes the face of the bad mom revolution and goes head to head with the President of the PTA.

I liked that the film was funny, and very light hearted. It represented women that would not let anyone put them down for not being perfect. The characters in the film found strength in their weakness. However, I didn’t like the behavioural polar opposite represented in the movie. Main character Amy Mitchell goes from extremely stressed and over worked to nearly lethargic and neglectful. I didn’t find these polar opposites to be completely realistic. However it is great for laughs, and it was a lot of fun to watch. I would in fact recommend this film to others, it is pleasant to watch and the story is refreshing. I would especially recommend the movie to anyone who likes the film Mean Girls.

As mentioned earlier there is no use of tobacco products in the film. The absence of tobacco did not affect the quality of the movie, it would have been an unnecessary addition or thought. The characters were completely believable, as it is completely normal not to smoke. The benefits of not having tobacco use in the movie include the fact that tobacco use is not being portrayed as a normal behaviour that should be continued within our society. It is especially beneficial to youth who may not be able to understand how the tobacco industry tries to manipulate youth as of yet.

I think the film, makers chose to keep smoking out the film for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I believe the film makers realized that smoking is not at all necessary to forward their plot, characters, or even for marketing of the film. Secondly, I believe that film makers also recognized that mothers (and parents) would not appreciate a film called bad moms featuring smoking mothers; this would make parents who are in fact addicted to tobacco feel bad and its puts the blame onto the addicts instead of the tobacco industry where it belongs.

Overall this movie is a great smoke free movie to enjoy for some laughs.