The Great Gatsby

Movie Critic: Courtney     Movie title: The Great GatsbyMovie genre: Drama, RomanceOntario Movie Rating: PG-13Opening date: May 10th, 2013Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, Tobey MaguireDirector: Baz LuhrmannTobacco use: Yes Nick Carraway, a mid-western book-lover turned bond salesman, is lured into the lavish world of his rich neighbor, Jay Gatsby.Lured in by the extravagance of the trailer, I was excited to see The Great Gatsby and all the glamour that it had to offer; and offer it did. The spectacle of Gatsby’s parties are wonderfully entertaining, even if a bit over the top. The beginning of the movie was choppy and almost too quick to keep up with, and when the movie did begin to slow down it only allowed you to more clearly see the digitally created landscapes and mansions. The cast was amazing and the acting superb, however, Luhrmann (director) focused more on the extravagance of objects rather than the greatness of the story.There was smoking in the movie which I guess was meant to signify the time in which the story takes place, however it was completely unnecessary as the setting was clear by the use of speech, clothing and cars.