Snow White and the Huntsman

Rating: PGOpening Date: June 1st2012Starring: Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize TheronDirector: Rupert SandersIn Snow White and the Huntsman, the only person fairer than the evil queen is Snow White. Unable to tolerate this blow to her vanity she orders a huntsman to retrieve snow white and have her killed. In this twist on the tale, the huntsman becomes her mentor and trains her to become a warrior threatening the queen’s reign. This action packed tale of good versus evil kept us entertained from start to finish. After the murder of her father, Snow White was kept locked away until she came of age and managed to escape through the dark forest. At which point a huntsman was sent to retrieve her, where instead he joined forces with her in the battle to defeat the queen. Along with being an action adventure, the movie also proves to be humorous with moments of romance, while meeting some colourful characters along the way. Although the movie follows the classic tale, there were scenes that remained unclear that left us wondering the significance to the plot. Parts of the film were predictable yet innovative and captivating. The film, rated PG, did not contain any smoking or tobacco use. However there was brief use of alcohol by the huntsman used to “drown his sorrows”, but this was not a main focus in the movie. Overall Snow White and the Huntsman is a fresh take on the timeless classic earning a 4/5 rating for great chemistry between cast members as well as being an action filled adventure.