Ride Along 2


Movie Critic: Tirthesha Pandya

Movie title: Ride Along 2

Movie genre: Action/ Comedy Ontario

Movie Rating: Pg-13

Starring: Ice Cube, Kevin Hart

Director: Tim Story

General age of people in the theater: 14-25

Tobacco use (How often throughout the movie?): NO TOBACCO USE


Ride along 2 continues on the story of the first movie Ride Along with the same duo, Kevin Hart and Ice cube. Kevin Hart as Rookie lawman Ben Barber aka Black Hammer is picked by Ice Cube as James to take a trip to Miami and catch the Pope who does illegal trading of weapons and drugs. The movie is based around a crazy rollercoaster journey as Black Hammer tries to prove himself and his detective abilities to his soon to be brother-in-law.

I really enjoyed both movies but in particular Ride along 2 took me on a hilarious journey as well as an action filled adventure. The actors did an incredible job and what I liked most about the movie was how the action and comedy were tied together and mixed instead of distinct scenes. What I did not enjoy about the movie was the frequent use of alcohol by all characters. It gives off a wrong image to the audience and sends a false positive image about the substance and its requirement to have fun.

There is no tobacco content in the movie although many scenes contain drug and alcohol “abuse”. The no tobacco part of the movie is great as this movie attracts the teen audience which can affect them in a negative way. Most daily smoker’s start as teens so not having the tobacco influence on them through smoking on screen is always a positive thing. An actor like Ice Cube does not need a cigarette to look strong and bold as his amazing acting skills take control of his dominant character. Overall, this was a great movie with many incredible laughs and action filled scenes.