Resident Evil: Retribution 3D

Director: Paul W.S. Anderson
Movie genre: Horror, Action
Rated: 14A
Opening date: September 14th, 2012
Starring: Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez, and Oded Fehr.
Tobacco use: Twice Once again we find Alice fighting for her life, and the life of her friends, in this newest installment of the highly popular zombie apocalypse franchise. The film starts with Alice stuck in the most secluded of all hive locations. Unable to leave at her own will, everything changes when a group of agents are hired to infiltrate her holding station and get her to the surface. They have to get her out alive past zombies, robotic guards and the worst of all movie villains, “The Red Queen”. This 3D film fits the vibe of the entire franchise and finds its way through global hotspots such as Tokyo, New York and Moscow. A great addition to the film is the return of Michelle Rodriguez, one of the leads in the first film who unfortunately met her demise at the end of film one. This film is filled with a perfect mix of gore, white knuckles, and scenes that will jolt you out of your seat. Although I very much enjoyed this film, it did feel as if it were a “bridge movie” to get us from the last film to the next and final film. Twice during the movie one character, Barry Burton played by actor Kevin Durand, was smoking a cigar. The male character was in his mid-40’s and made out to be the masculine, rough talking, gun shooting sidekick of the film. When he was first introduced he had a cigar in his mouth and was presented as being the “tough guy” of the movie (guns in hand). The second time that he smoked was just before he performed the “heroic moment” of the movie by putting his guns down and walked in the line of fire to save his friend. This character showed a need to smoke in order to be brave which was not needed at all. The character can be portrayed as a “tough guy” just by his muscles, guns and the way he talks. He didn’t need to smoke in order to look the part. This took away from the moment and in the end the scene lost all of its power because of the presents of smoking. Without the cigar it seemed like he would not have the courage to stand up to the villains, which is dumb because all of the other characters were able to stand up to the bad guy without any tobacco and they were just fine.