Movie genre: Comedy               Rated: 3 / 5 starsOpening date: April 29th, 2011Starring: Aimee Teegarden & Thomas McDonellDirector:Joe Nussbaum Tobacco use (How often throughout the movie?): Not used in the movie  Synopsis:
This family movie is something great to watch if you want a very light movie. Prom is approaching & the prom committee had finished making all the decorations. Unfortunately, a very untimely fire demolishes all the materials. Prom committee president is then forced to work with the school rebel to re-make the decorations. It is one of the biggest nights of a high school student’s life. Watch this movie to see how their story and many others unfold. You will always have a smile on your face watching it. “Graduation is for the parents but prom, prom is for us” –Disney’s PromReview:Would you recommend this movie? Yes What did you like about it?
I loved how this movie was a very light movie. It is a feel good movie and despite the fact that it is very cliché and predictable, you always have a smile on your face throughout the movie waiting to see what will happen next. What did you not like about it?
It was a very predictable movie.