Now You See Me 2



Movie Critic: Tirthesha Pandya
Movie title: Now you see me 2
Movie genre: Mystery & Suspense
Ontario Movie Rating (PG, PG14 etc.): PG13
Director: Jon M. Chu
General age of people in the theatre: All ages
Tobacco use (How often throughout the movie?): NO TOBACCO USE

In this sequel, the illusionists known as the Four Horsemen return from their escape ending from Now you see me and obviously return with a jaw dropping performance mixed with spectacular stunts and antagonists who force them to use their talents for bad. The horsemen set off on a mission in hopes of clearing their names and exposing the corrupt behavior a man named Marby. The horsemen who are led by Dylan Rhodes face many challenges and hurdles which really reduce the success of their plans. Will they succeed? Watch the movie to find out, it’s totally worth the mind games!

I really enjoyed this movie because I personally love being fooled and mind blown but I also love discovering the logic or the truth behind the tricks and illusions. This movie blows your mind with the ”magic” then blows your mind even more after explaining the behind the scenes of the magic. I loved the engaging aspect of the film and the twists. I would hands down recommend both the films to anyone who is okay with feeling a little confused throughout the film. I do highly recommend watching the first film before the second as it builds the plot and it’s basically a continuation of the Horsemen’s journey.

One of the best thing about the film was the absence of tobacco. The lack of tobacco did not affect the plot or the quality of the movie. The characters did not seem less believable because there was no tobacco use. The no tobacco part of the movie is great as this movie attracts the teen audience which can affect them in a negative way. Most daily smoker’s start as teens so not having the tobacco influence on them through smoking on screen is always a thumbs up from me.