Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

Rating: G  Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman are stilling trying to get back to their home, New York City. The animals buy a circus in attempt to get back to The Big apple.  With Chantel DeBois on their trail, they may decide that going back to the Zoo may not be the best decision.“Europe’s Most Wanted” was okay, but definitely not better than the other two. The movie seemed like it was rushed. There were gaps in the story. Other than that, it was a funny, entertaining, family movie. I liked the story but think it should have had more time worked on it.This movie had one instance of smoking, sort of. After the Monkey signed a deal with the American, He lit a banana and smoked. This will definitely encourage kids that “smoking is cool”. This instance of smoking did not need to be in the film.If it didn’t have smoking, I’d give it a 3/5 stars , But, it did. So I give it  2/5 Stars.