Life of Pi

Movie genre:
 AdventureOntario Movie Rating: PGOpening date: November 2012Starring:
 Suraj Sharma, Irrfan KhanDirector:
 Ang LeeTobacco use: NoneLife of Pi is a coming of age story about a young Indian boy who is traveling with his family to make a new start in America, when tragedy strikes. When the ship that is carrying him and family sinks in the middle of the ocean, Pi is forced to fend for himself on a lifeboat, where his only company is an orangutan, a zebra, a hyena and a Bengal tiger.Life of Pi was an overall enchanting film. The filmography was stunning and the story was a tear jerking. With just the right amount of romance and adventure, Life of Pi is suitable for the entire family and one of the better ‘books-to-film” that I have seen in a while.There is absolutely no smoking in this film, which makes it even more appropriate for the whole family to see!  Oscar Spotlight: Life of Pi is nominated for Best Picture and Best Director (Ang Lee).