Les Misérables

Movie genre: MusicalOntario Movie Rating: PG 13Opening date: December 25, 2012Starring: Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe and Amanda SeyfriedDirector: Tom HooperTobacco use: Twice Based on the play, Les Miserables takes places in the time of the French Revolution and follows the life of Jean Valjean who is a man on parole given a second chance at life. The movie adaptation of Les Mis was incredible, in my opinion. All of the actors fit their part perfectly and the use of live singing in the movie allowed the audience to feel the true, raw emotions of the characters. Anne Hathaway, who played the character Fantine, completely stole the show and I can predict an Oscar nomination in her near future. However, I felt that the movie was a bit long and some of the camera work in the beginning was a little too “in your face.” Overall, I truly enjoyed the movie and would definitely recommend this film to people who love theatre and musicals.   There was smoking of pipes twice in this film and both parts were when the young men were getting ready to fight the French army. I did not find the smoking at all necessary and I wouldn’t even have noticed it if it had been left out, as I believe it should have been. It did not enhance the scene in any way; in fact it kind of disgusted me that they were showing young males smoking tobacco.