Hangover 3

Movie critic:                Wandi Liu                                                      Opening date:            5/23/2013Movie title:                  Hangover III                                                   Movie genre:             ComedyStarring:                      Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ken Jeong                         Director:                     Todd PhillipOMR:                          14ATobacco use:           Moderately often, 7-12 times. Hangover III is the finale to the Hangover trilogy – a mixture of uncontrollably hilarious mayhems and epic coincidences. Without any parties or drugs, the wolf-pack once again finds itself in crisis with Doug kidnapped in exchange for Mr. Chow. In three days, Stu, Phil, and Alan will play a desperate game of cat-and-mouse with madness itself.As always, my favourite part about the Hangover trilogy is the humor. Not to mention the craziness and inappropriate jokes, even the worst dilemmas make me laugh. However, compared to the last two films, the finale was lacking a bit of flow – the dialogues seemed somewhat deliberated and purposeful. I would recommend this to young adults but not to children under the age of 13 – due to the excessive use of coarse language in this movie.Both the main characters and secondary characters used tobacco products. They were mostly male with possibly 1-2 secondary female characters. The age of smokers ranged from 20 – 50. Characters usually smoked in hotels, parking lots, and other public venues, while a few smoked in private properties such as homes. I think that the use of smoking scenes for character-building was not necessary and should be taken out to avoid encouraging the audience – honestly, I would have not noticed if the smoking was taken out of the movie. I felt more uncomfortable when there were a lot of smoking scenes.I would rate this movie a 4.5/5 for that it’s decently directed but too fast-paced at times. Also, if this movie was smoke-free it could have been given a higher rating.