Escape from Planet Earth

Escape from Planet EarthRating: PGRun time: 1 hour 30 minutes Escape from Planet Earth is an animated movie about a pair of alien brothers who try to escape the hands of a lunatic army general trying to destroy all other life forms in the universe. It’s a cute movie with amazing animation and colour: great for a family film. There’s a theme of sibling rivalry and brains versus brawn, something which most people can relate to, and encourages us to be more open-minded about others. Most of the humor comes from slapstick comedy routines which can seem a bit clichéd at times, but it makes for a light-hearted film which entertained most of those in the theatre with me. The movie is almost smoke-free, but there was one scene where, in a 1950’s style movie shown within the movie where the father has a pipe in his mouth. It’s a minor scene which even I missed the first time, and the pipe could very easily have been left out for the movie to be smoke-free as it wasn’t vital. Overall, I thought Escape from Planet Earth is a pretty good movie. I wouldn’t recommend it if you prefer to see deep insights into human nature in movies; but if you’re just looking for a fun movie to occupy an hour and a half of your time – which I found to be a good length – Escape from Planet Earth is a good candidate.