Anna Karenina

Movie genre:
 History/Drama/RomanceOntario Movie Rating: 14AOpening date: November 2012Starring:
 Keira Knightley, Jude LawDirector:
 Joe WrightTobacco use: Yes, many timesAnna Karenina takes place in late 19th century Russia. The main character, Anna Karenina is a Russian aristocrat who finds herself trapped in a suspenseful love triangle.Overall, the acting was very good and the visuals were stunning. I did find however, that the film dragged on a bit and could have been a little shorter. Very ‘pride and prejudice’, so if you like a dramatic, tragic love story. Not bad.Smoking? BAD. There was so much emphasis on cigarettes, cigars and just smoking in general, in this film. Main characters, supporting characters, background characters, all smoking. There were few scenes that didn’t have smoking in them! Women smoking thin, elegant cigarettes and men smoking obnoxiously large pipes and cigars. The director was obviously trying to make the cigarette-smoking look sexy but it was just awkward and unnecessary. The smoking could have been taken out and I wouldn’t have even noticed.Oscar Spotlight: Anna Karenina is nominated for Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design, Best Music, Best Production Design.