Movie Critic: Vlad
Movie title: The Divergent Series : Allegiant
Movie genre: Action
Ontario Movie Rating (PG, PG14 etc.): PG
Opening date: March 9th 2016
Starring: Shailene Woodley Theo James and Jeff Daniels
Director: Robert Schwentke
General age of people in the theatre: 16-20

Tobacco use (How often throughout the movie?): None


The City of Chicago find out that there are more people living beyond the walls of their city and the two lovers, Tris’ brother and their friends. They escape the city walls and find the other people to discover they have far superior technology. At the end they figure out that those people aren’t really who they describe themselves and they must stop the plans of those people before they destroy the way that the citizens of Chicago lived.
In the movie “The Divergent Series – Allegiant” the movie had great prop effects as well as the actors were spot on in their acting. From a downside perspective the movie was an inaccurate version of the book, so if you have read the book previously the movie may be a slight disappointment. But in the end I would recommend this movie to others as the positives of this movie overrules by far the negatives.

In the Movie “The Divergent Series – Allegiant” there was no tobacco in the film. In movies, the tobacco industry will pay movie productions to implement their products in their for advertisement as they need new customers. In the movie the lack of tobacco did not affect the plot or the quality of the movie. You would probably need a new scene or two with tobacco use in it to affect the plot or quality. The characters appeared much more believable as they were constantly doing activities without running out of breath, with the tobacco use it would make them seem like superman was not getting tired quickly with the use of tobacco. When speaking of benefits of not having any of the tobacco on the screen it made the characters seem a thousand times more realistic than if they would have not been a smoker. Continuing on with this I feel like the movie-makers chose to keep the use of tobacco out of the movie to simply keep the quality of the movie at a high standard and gain a higher rating instead of reducing the quality of the movie but gaining a higher budget through the tobacco companies paying them for the implementation of tobacco products.