How can we protect children and teens in Ontario from smoking in movies?

Support a rating change

  • Join the thousands of people requesting the film industry make a rating change  and who have supported smoke free youth-rated movies in Ontario. Be sure to share your support of this change on all your social media platforms to help us generate momentum for this important health cause.

Protect kids right now

  • Talk to children and other parents about the impact of smoking in movies on kids & teens and learn more by reading about THE ISSUE. In addition, consider which movies you show at home and use this handy database to check out a movie’s “smoking status”  Please remember, this is an American site which has different ratings for movies compared to here in Ontario. If you want to find out an overall rating of a movie in Canada, you can also search this tool.

Be a champion in your school, parent council, community and youth serving organizations:

  • Endorse The World Health Organization (WHO) five actions to protect kids from smoking in movies.

1 Give new movies containing tobacco an adult rating i.e. 18A.

2 Require strong anti-smoking ads prior to movies depicting tobacco use in all distribution channels.

3 Certify no payoffs for displaying tobacco.

4 Stop identifying tobacco brands.

5 Require films with tobacco imagery assigned a youth rating to be ineligible for government film subsidies.

It’s easy to join all the supporting organizations and endorsing the WHO five actions by submitting a completed “Letter of Endorsement”  

  • Create a smoke free movie viewing policy for your organization. See example from Peel & Huron school board.