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Smoke-Free TIFF Presents: The Mountain Between Us

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The Mountain Between Us (2017)

Reviewed by: Blessing Nkennor

The Mountain Between Us was premiered at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival and is a romantic survival/adventure film starring Idris Elba and Kate Winslet. It is directed by Hany Abu-Assad and is based off a novel written by Charles Martin. It tells the story of a surgeon and journalist who survive a plane crash in the mountainous region of Utah and must rely on each other to survive. I really enjoyed watching this movie. Most of the movie contained both main characters, but they managed to sustain my attention throughout. A great mix of suspense, thriller, balanced with humour and light romance. I would definitely watch this movie again. It is also rated PG-13 for a scene of sexuality, injury images and brief strong language.

Was there smoking in the movie? No, it was smoke-free!


Did the character appear less believable/realistic because they did not use tobacco? Certainly not. I can’t imagine how tobacco use would’ve helped tell the story better. The characters appeared very realistic.

What are the benefits of not having tobacco present on the screen? There are several reasons why people smoke, and one of them might be due to stressful events. Both of the main characters went through very traumatic experiences throughout the film—from being stuck on a mountain without adequate food, to burying their pilot, almost falling off a cliff, and attempting to commit suicide. However, tobacco was not used as a coping response to stress, which is beneficial because if used, it might have given an unrealistic idea of when to use tobacco, without showing its associated health risks. This is especially beneficial for viewers who are not educated about the health risks of tobacco, or who are considering smoking.

Why do you think the movie-makers chose to keep tobacco out of this movie? They chose to keep tobacco out perhaps because it would not have told the story any better. In addition, the Mountain Between Us is a romance-disaster film; I think the movie-makers were more focused on conveying the romantic outcome between the main characters.


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