October 10, 2017 SFM Admin

Smoke-Free TIFF Presents: Porcupine Lake

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Porcupine Lake (2017)

Reviewed by: Darlene Lyon and Tyler Harnish (Hamilton Public Health Smoke Free Movies Project Lead)

Porcupine Lake is a Canadian drama film rated PG, it was premiered at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival and is directed by Ingrid Veninger.  The movie weaves a story about two pre-teens learning to deal with life’s struggles which include dealing with family, relationships and friendships after Bea moves to Port Severn, Ontario with her mother, Ally. Bea is desperately looking for a friend in this new town, which she was able to find in a local girl Kate. Kate’s family has many struggles- her single mother is always hungover, a sister who is also a single mother, and her brother Romeo who has anger issues after a motorcycle accident. The girls both use their bravery to help them deal with all of the struggles they face during the summer before Bea returns to Toronto. The two become really close throughout the movie forming a really strong and unbreakable friendship even after both families try to pull them apart. Both Kate and Bea refuse to listen to their parents and continue to see each other. During all of this, Bea’s mother and father are constantly fighting over the diner her father inherited. Bea’s mother wants him to sell the diner and move back to the city to help the family.

Was there smoking in the movie? Yes.

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Who was smoking? Ally is the only person in the film Porcupine Lake who used tobacco. During the movie she smoked cigarettes twice- once during the beginning of the film and then another halfway throughout the movie.

What was happening in the scenes with smoking? During the scenes that had smoking in them both of them were when Ally was under stress about the girls’ relationship as well as the family issues happening.

Would you notice if the smoking was taken out of the movie? In my opinion the smoking did not need to be used throughout this film, it did not really have much of an impact on the film. In our opinion, the movie should use a rating of 18A, due to the content of the film.