October 11, 2017 SFM Admin

Smoke-Free TIFF Presents: Bodied

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Bodied (2017)

Reviewed by: William Godkin

Bodied was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and was not given an official rating. It is a comedy and drama film directed by Joseph Kahn. Interesting to note that this film was produced by Eminem himself. Firstly, I do believe that it was a good movie although it probably won’t appeal to everyone’s tastes. I would rate this movie a 4 out 5. As there was tobacco presence in the film, it should be given an 18A rating. Aside from that, it was a good movie as it shows us as viewers a bit about the lives of battle rappers.

Was there smoking in the movie? Yes there was.

tobacco impressions

Would you notice if the smoking was taken out of the movie?  No I would not notice.

What was your reaction to seeing the characters use tobacco? The few smoking scenes did not need to be there. For example, there was a scene where Behn Grymm vomits after he lights up a smoke. The reason I think that they did this in the movie was because a lot of people believe that smoking relieves stress, but in reality, smoking increases one’s heart rate.

Did the movie show the real health effects and consequences of tobacco use? No they did not.