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Smoke-Free TIFF Presents: Black Cop

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Black Cop (2017)

Reviewed by: Sofiya Yamnyuk

Black Cop, a drama film presented at TIFF  2017 gave an eye opening view about current racial profiling and police violence. It is rated 14A and is directed by Cory Bowles.  This Toronto film follows a black cop around as he impulsively decides to treat white civilians as black people are treated. It has opened my mind about the discrimination that happens in our society today. It was accurately rated.

Was there smoking in the movie? There were no smoking occurrences in this film.


What are the benefits of not having tobacco present on the screen? With tobacco absent from the film, the atmosphere, plot and emotional connection in the movie did not change.

Why do you think the movie-makers chose to keep tobacco out of this movie? Given the subject matter of the film, smoking would have not changed the emotional connection the audience felt with the topic of racial discrimination. The movie-makers decision to keep the movie smoke-free was a good one.


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