March 17, 2020 SFM Admin

Ready Player One (2018) PG

Movie Review Written by: Ramje Uthayakumaar

A movie featuring an abundance of pop-culture references is usually seen as a movie that is trying a little too hard at being relevant but Ready Player One is the opposite of that. This movie was a delight for everyone who watched T.V shows, movies, and played a bunch of video games growing up. This was a really exciting movie to watch because of its idea of a fully-immersive virtual reality  game that you can live in. Through submersing into this environment all the characters and references you noticed made the movie experience that much better as you reflect on your own pop culture experiences.

The story takes place in the year 2045 where the co-creator of a virtual reality entertainment universe called the OASIS, James Haliday, dies. After his death, his online avatar reveals that he created three keys that he hid around the OASIS and whoever finds all three becomes the new owner of the OASIS. This starts a huge competition to find the “easter eggs” all over the world. The movie revolves around Wade Watts, a teenager in the slums of Ohio who goes into the Oasis and attempts to try and find the keys. I’m sure this is enough to convince you guys to go watch the movie. It was enough for me!

Oh yeah, you may of heard of the director too. He’s made a couple of pretty popular movies over the years. Steve something. Look it up!

Movie Smoking or vaping status: This is a smoke free movie

The absence of tobacco or any other smoking did not affect theplot or the quality of the movie. The characters were still believable and realistic even though there was no tobacco impressions. Not having smoking in the movie is important when you consider this movies intended audience, young people.