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Parasite (2019) 14A

Movie Review submitted by: Jeff Moco

This 2020 OSCAR Best Picture award winning film is a must see for any serious film goer but would also be recommended to anyone who enjoys movies with mysterious character development and a variety of plot twists. This  award winner seemed to have really struck a chord with audiences as some of the major themes displayed offer a lot of insight and commentary in regards to how society lives as a collection of “haves” and “have nots.” and the contrast between their spectrum of struggles.

The plot surrounds a family grinding away trying to get ahead in life as they band together to hustle and improve their collective betterment. One chance opportunity opens the flood gates for an entire family to benefit before things begin to go sideways as their cons continue to add up and become exposed.

Some viewers not familiar with Korean culture, and annoyed by having to read subtitles, might not be inclined to give Parasite a good initial look. Stick in there and see if you can turn away as things really start to unravel as the pace increases dramatically as it nears its climax.

I don’t want to give any further plot details away but you can really tell the quality of the film by how excellent the trailer is without really giving you any clue what the movie is about. Check it out for yourself:

Movie Smoking or vaping status: This film contains various smoking scenes

What was happening in the scenes with smoking / vaping? What was most interesting about the tobacco depictions in this film was that the most prominent scene involved one of the youngest female characters, the Kim’s daughter, smoking while she was “concentrating” on forging some documents.

Did the movie show the real health effects and consequences of tobacco use? This was probably not the most accurate depiction of tobacco use as female smoking rates in Asian countries are dramatically less than the current male smoking rate patterns.

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