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2019 Endorsement Letter and Form

Join the over 40 organizations/groups who have already endorsed the following actions to protect children and teens in Ontario.

  • Tobacco use is the number one cause of preventable disease and death in Ontario.
  • Leaders in public health units, local boards of health, non-governmental organizations and health charities in Ontario have a history of speaking out in favour of actions to reduce the harmful impact of tobacco use.
  • At least 185,000 children and teens aged 0-17 living in Ontario today will be recruited to cigarette smoking by their exposure to onscreen smoking.

The Ontario Coalition for Smoke-Free Movies is supporting 5 ACTIONS to reduce exposure to on-screen smoking:

Action 1

Give new movies containing tobacco an adult rating i.e. 18A.

Action 2

Require strong anti-smoking ads prior to movies depicting tobacco use in all distribution channels.

Action 3

Certify no payoffs for displaying tobacco.

Action 4

Stop identifying tobacco brands.

Action 5

Require films with tobacco imagery assigned a youth rating to be ineligible for government film subsidies.

Public Support for Smoke-Free Rated Movies is High graph

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