Ready Player One (2018) PG

Movie Review Written by: Ramje Uthayakumaar

A movie featuring an abundance of pop-culture references is usually seen as a movie that is trying a little too hard at being relevant but Ready Player One is the opposite of that. This movie was a delight for everyone who watched T.V shows, movies, and played a bunch of video games growing up. This was a really exciting movie to watch because of its idea of a fully-immersive virtual reality  game that you can live in. Through submersing into this environment all the characters and references you noticed made the movie experience that much better as you reflect on your own pop culture experiences.

The story takes place in the year 2045 where the co-creator of a virtual reality entertainment universe called the OASIS, James Haliday, dies. After his death, his online avatar reveals that he created three keys that he hid around the OASIS and whoever finds all three becomes the new owner of the OASIS. This starts a huge competition to find the “easter eggs” all over the world. The movie revolves around Wade Watts, a teenager in the slums of Ohio who goes into the Oasis and attempts to try and find the keys. I’m sure this is enough to convince you guys to go watch the movie. It was enough for me!

Oh yeah, you may of heard of the director too. He’s made a couple of pretty popular movies over the years. Steve something. Look it up!

Movie Smoking or vaping status: This is a smoke free movie

The absence of tobacco or any other smoking did not affect theplot or the quality of the movie. The characters were still believable and realistic even though there was no tobacco impressions. Not having smoking in the movie is important when you consider this movies intended audience, young people.

6 Underground (2019)

Movie Review Submitted by: Ramje Uthayakumaar

Director Michael Bay’s first Netflix film is everything you would expect from Bay and Netflix. It has all the iconic Bay explosions and a big budget that you expect from a Netflix “original”. This movie is for anyone who loves fast-paced action who want a whole lot of explosions in their action movies. In addition, it also has some laugh-out-loud moments that you will definitely enjoy. It’s a casual movie that anyone can watch and enjoy and doesn’t take a lot of “thinking.” For some, the presence of the star studded cast of Ryan Reynolds, Melanie Laurent, Dave Franco, and Corey Hawkins will be enough to give this one a go.

Plot wise, this movie explores the question of “what would you do if you were able to fake your own death and become a living ghost?” The story surrounds a billionaire tech tycoon (Ryan Reynolds) who faked his death in order to take down evil dictators across the globe. Along the way, he decides to recruit 5 other individuals who have a special skill they’re known for but also have a reason for wanting to disappear.

The idea of having a secret team taking down the world’s evil governments and brutal dictators who oppress their people is an idea that many watchers would find captivating.

Movie Smoking or vaping status: This film contains various smoking scenes

What was happening in the scenes with smoking / vaping?  This movie had brief a brief smoking scene which frankly would just pass your mind. It is a scene where a man is seen smoking a cigar in the background. This scene can be taken out and it would not affect the movie in the slightest. This movie did not show the effects of tobacco use because the scene was so brief and unnoticeable

Parasite (2019) 14A

Movie Review submitted by: Jeff Moco

This 2020 OSCAR Best Picture award winning film is a must see for any serious film goer but would also be recommended to anyone who enjoys movies with mysterious character development and a variety of plot twists. This  award winner seemed to have really struck a chord with audiences as some of the major themes displayed offer a lot of insight and commentary in regards to how society lives as a collection of “haves” and “have nots.” and the contrast between their spectrum of struggles.

The plot surrounds a family grinding away trying to get ahead in life as they band together to hustle and improve their collective betterment. One chance opportunity opens the flood gates for an entire family to benefit before things begin to go sideways as their cons continue to add up and become exposed.

Some viewers not familiar with Korean culture, and annoyed by having to read subtitles, might not be inclined to give Parasite a good initial look. Stick in there and see if you can turn away as things really start to unravel as the pace increases dramatically as it nears its climax.

I don’t want to give any further plot details away but you can really tell the quality of the film by how excellent the trailer is without really giving you any clue what the movie is about. Check it out for yourself:

Movie Smoking or vaping status: This film contains various smoking scenes

What was happening in the scenes with smoking / vaping? What was most interesting about the tobacco depictions in this film was that the most prominent scene involved one of the youngest female characters, the Kim’s daughter, smoking while she was “concentrating” on forging some documents.

Did the movie show the real health effects and consequences of tobacco use? This was probably not the most accurate depiction of tobacco use as female smoking rates in Asian countries are dramatically less than the current male smoking rate patterns.