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Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Reviewed by: Madeline St. John

AVENGERS: ENDGAME is the fourth movie of the Avengers series. After the tragic events that took place in Avengers: Infinity Wars (2018), the universe and half the population disappeared from existence. In this fourth movie, the Avengers assemble once again to reverse the actions of Thanos, and restore the universe.

I would suggest the audience for this movie to be for anyone who is 13 years or older. I recommend 13+ because there are major scenes of violence throughout the movie that may not be appropriate for younger viewers

Movie Smoking or vaping status:


Did the absence of tobacco or vaping affect the plot or quality of the movie?


The absence of tobacco and vaping had no affect on the overall quality of the movie.

Did the characters appear less believable/realistic because they did not use tobacco or vape?

The characters appeared to be adventurous and believable with the absence of tobacco and vaping use.

What are the benefits of not having tobacco or vaping products (e.g. e-cigarettes) present on the screen?

Not having tobacco or vaping products in the movie had the benefit of showing the audience that you don’t need to use tobacco or vaping products to be seen/viewed as cool, or heroic. Since the movie is targeted towards teens and young adults, it is important that this movie demonstrate that you can be just as strong, adventurous, and heroic as the characters are without the use of those products.



After (2019)

Reviewed by: Ally Ireland

AFTER is about Tessa Young, a young girl whose life is dedicated to school, her boyfriend, and pleasing her mother. She enters college, and instantly hits it off with her roommate who starts taking her to parties, and teaching her how to have a little fun with her life. Her mother and boyfriend at home both disapprove of this new Tessa instantly, but that doesn’t matter to her, because of Harden Scott. He makes her question her entire life up to this point, and makes her want to live, instead of just walking through life trying to live up to her mother’s expectations.

I would suggest this movie to females in their teens. The movie is centered on college students; which younger generations can relate to much better than adults. There is mild mature subject matter including parties, mild sexual content, and mature subject matter.

tobacco impressions

  • What was happening in the scenes with smoking / vaping?

The main character Tessa’s roommate was hitting a juul when Tessa first arrived to college. There was also a scene at a party where someone was recording another person hitting a vape because “it looked cool”.

  • Would you notice if the smoking / vaping was taken out of the movie?

I would not, because the vaping did absolutely nothing for the plot, except make the characters seem more like typical “college students”.

  • Did the movie show the real health effects and consequences of tobacco use?

There were no health effects of nicotine use shown in the film.